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Furrell International Limited

Company Profile:

Furrell International Limited Company was established in Hong Kong in 2011.  The company provides services including diversify of business investments, business consultancy, and business trading, as well as financial projects. The company’s core team members are highly experienced, responsible and professional, providing customers with a full range of valuable investment advices. Also, in order to assist customers bringing efficient economic interests, our team members will create different business solutions and establish particular investment strategies. As yet, the company has established a mutual trust, stability and long-term cooperation relationship with customers.

Business Investment Projects:

The company provides professional business investment projects for customers. All the projects will consist of a comprehensive analysis of details, and listen to services requirements and arrangements from customers. In order to achieve a win-win situation, each investment partner is required to operate the projects in a fair way, which must be under the laws and regulations.  About cooperation in various areas and the need will be respected. The requirements of rationality will reach consensus on the basis of mutual trust. And then our team members will plan for pragmatic arrangements for the implementation of all of the work programs. For example, the projects are including financial investment, product business trading, property investment, mineral trading and other investments.

Business Advisory Services:

When customers require our team members to provide professional advices program, team members will arrange for advisory members and clients to meet and discuss the nature of business and comprehend the customer's project details and requirements. Our team members will work in a rational, professional, objective manner to analyze the feasibility and reliability of services. Our consultant members need to calculate and predict customers' all aspects of operational risk and the relevant factors to minimize undue investment risk.  Our consultancy services are focused on financial investments, resource products and trading business, import and export trade and other aspects.

Merchandise Trade:

Furrell International Limited Company strives to achieve in business that has diversified and international development capabilities. About the company products sale and purchase transactions in a cooperative project, we have connected a number of overseas customers to achieve business expansion agreements. Moreover, we help customers to promote their products to overseas market in order to expand the market scale. For example, we promote our products to the domestic and foreign markets. It includes wine, meat products, skin care products, mineral classes,Non-ferrous metals, petroleum products and other products.

Company Goals:

With the world’s changing economic environment, it is producing a variety of instable factors creating financial crisis risks and the various challenges. Our team members will establish effective response plans to protect the interests of the company and its customers as well as reduce operational risks. The company will strengthen communication between customers and the company structure, especially on cooperation and views exchange. Company members will provide details of analysis and risk assessment report to customers. This report will analyze how to operate business under different political and business environments in the world. To increase the customers’ base needs, we will provide different types of products and improve service quality. We will also provide specialized services to promote trade services, investment products and other projects. Furthermore, about all aspects of the investment management and control methods will be required to achieve rationality, objectives and efficiency. Looking to the future, the company team members shall work together, study hard, and professionally focus to provide customers with high quality products and investment projects.